Where does the product come from?
It depends on what your customers order, where you live, and what time of year it is. We source whatever we can locally when products are in season, and everything else comes from the nearest commercial growing region. Most grapes will come from the San Joaquin Valley in California. Most Strawberries will come from the California coast. Avocados will come from Mexico most of the year; bananas from Central America. The packaging you receive with your produce orders will state the products’ origin.

Is there an order minimum?
Yes. Each individual order must exceed $25.00, and we generally require groups to sell a minimum of $1,000 worth of fresh produce before we can make delivery, which means you pay us roughly $500 plus any additional charges for things such as bags or excess fruit. If you have a group of 20 people, each member only has to make two sales for your group to meet the minimum.

What if we don’t hit the minimum?
We’ll try our best to accommodate all orders, even if they don’t quite hit the minimum. The area you’re in, and the items your customers’ purchase will determine how flexible we can be with the minimum. If your group does not hit the minimum and we cannot fulfill orders one week, your group can continue selling, and we’ll deliver as soon as there are enough orders.

What are additional charges?
Packaging and other materials- You will need something to deliver orders in. We can take care of ordering bags for your group, and we’ll add the charge to your invoice, or you can take care of packaging yourself. You may not need to purchase packaging material if your group can collect enough recycled bags and/or boxes.
Excess product-It’s inevitable that you will end up with slightly more fruit than you have orders for because you will be receiving products in their bulk containers. Depending on the size of your orders and how close you are to selling an entire case of any given item, you may be billed at a discount rate for the excess fruit that you don’t yet have sold. The remaining product can be resold, used to cover any shrink, or given away as samples or prizes. Generally, if you have enough orders that you’re receiving several cases of a given item, we will likely not bill for excess fruit. If, however, there aren’t enough orders to sell a single case of an item, you may be charged at a discounted rate for one full box, and you can resell the remaining product.

When do we get our delivery?
Together, we select one day of the week to make deliveries to your group. Truck schedules may limit the days we choose in certain areas.

How are products packaged when we receive them?
You will receive products in their bulk containers; not sorted by individual orders. Each item is packaged differently, and the number of units in each case will vary by product. Your group is responsible for sorting and distributing orders.

What if there’s a problem with the product?
If there are significant issues with any product you’ve received, we will either replace it or more often credit your invoice accordingly. Extensive photo evidence must be presented shortly after delivery if you wish to file a claim.

Are the products organic?
No. All items are grown conventionally.

**Prices and availability are subject to change without notice. Please download the updated order sheet each week**

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