How It Works

Start by signing up and tell us a little bit about your group and why you are fundraising. After you submit, you will receive an email with a passcode and link to download the order sheet for your group. Prices are updated weekly so make sure you download the most current sheet before you begin selling.  Check back using the same link and passcode as prices change weekly and may vary from the prices in the online shop.

Once your group completes its first round of orders, we build your organization’s custom page on to promote your fundraiser and your Fruitful Funds code that goes with it. Your group can then take orders via order sheets as well as direct customers to the online store where they can shop a larger selection of fresh fruits and vegetables and have them delivered straight to their door each week while continuing to support your organization. We’ll select one day of the week to make deliveries to your organization, then your group distributes the products to your customers from there.

Organizations keep up to 50% of sales whether orders are taken online or via an order sheet. Online orders must use your Fruitful Funds code, and your group will also receive any applicable delivery fees ($9.95 per online order). Your customers will see the maximum donation amount in their cart when they enter your code. This does not include the delivery fee that your group also keeps for every online order. The actual amount your organization receives from the sale of fresh fruits and vegetables will vary for each item and largely depends on your region and the amount of volume you sell in a given week.

Unlike other fundraising companies who simply supply product and let your organization sell it, we actively promote and sell for your fundraiser alongside with you. A significant portion of every dollar we earn on a fundraiser is invested back into marketing material and advertising for that organization on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Google. The goal is to help your organization passively gain supporters who order fresh produce regularly from your organization.

Before you get started, there are a few minor details we need to go over. Please review the F.A.Q. page, then sign up.